Quarter K Ranch

Quarter K Ranch

Natural Horsemanship


Horseback Riding Lessons

  • Natural Horsemanship Instruction
  • No Previous Horse Experience Required
  • All lessons are either Private/Semi-Private (no group lessons)
  • Great Active Sport For Kids (and adults, too)
  • Instructor Has Over 14 Years Experience Instructing
  • For Ages 5 And Up
    Our western horseback riding program is one of the highest quality natural horsemanship programs available.  Safety is of utmost importance at the Quarter K Ranch and proper attire, including a helmet and riding boots (provided), must be worn while riding at all times.  We instruct using the American Association for Horsemanship Safety (AAHS) methods.  The horses used in the lesson program are kid-safe lesson horses.

    1/2 hour  (only for students under 7 years old) $35
     45 minutes $43
     1 hour $50

Natural Hoof Trimming  

If you own a horse you gotta check this out
Natural Barefoot Hoof Trimming


Imagine your horse with increased agility, better attitude, smoother gaits, better endurance, speed, and traction, able to perform better and longer, never seeming to get tired or sore, being ready to ride when you are, you never having to worry about loose or thrown shoes, added shock absorption that more than makes up for the added weight of the rider, and a longer healthier life for your horse.           

For a natural hoof trim you should expect to pay the same as you would for a reset.  The national average rate for a natural hoof trim from a natural hoof trim Practitioner is $45-$80 per horse.  It is my personal goal to go above and beyond with my education and quality of work while charging less then the competition.             



 Horses & Ponies



 $50 per horse/pony

 $40 per mini

 $85 per draft

 *All rates above already include 6% Pa State sales tax
Additional $5 for fuel if only 1 horse is being trimmed.
Fuel charges apply for mileage over 18 miles from farm.
Additional $5 (per shoe) for shoe removal. 

Serving the Lehigh Valley area & Eastern Pennsylvania  Call 610-730-4973